Parables and fairytales which ones might be useful for Central Asia travellers

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Parables and fairytales which ones might be useful for Central Asia travellers

Post  Admin on Tue Dec 25, 2012 3:23 pm

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! Let's post here different parables, fairytales and short stories which ones might be useful for Central Asia travellers

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A parable from the well-unknown "Böyle buyurdu Merdüşt" (BTW it is = "Also sprach Marathustra" in Turkish) about an evil landlady who was cheating her guests

Post  Ainsa on Tue Dec 25, 2012 3:29 pm

Once upon a time one 36 years old Russian guy (named...let's say Ivan and who was living in.... let's say Krasnoyarsk) went to Taiga forest to pick mushrooms and got lost, for sure due to some recklessness, usual for all Russians.

Trying to get out from those impassable thickets the guy almost became lunch for a passing bear, while running away from that bear he almost drowned in a swamp and eventually he even miss managed to get to a broad clearing in the middle of which one was situated a small wooden house standing on two chicken's legs. Proceeding the consequence of his fatal mistakes Ivan approached to that house and instead of simple walking around it in order to get to the porch he pronounced a suitable black magic spelling (which one all lazy and stupid Russians are always using in such cases):

Hey you! Small Wooden House On Chicken's Legs, turn around your backside towards the forest and your front door - towards me!

The house turned around, its door opened and the guy could see on the porch an ugly, very badly dressed and about 100 years old woman who, in addition to already existing serious problems of her, also couldn't speak any English

The guy asked the old woman whether she knows the path which one would lead him out from the forest to the closest settled place. The old woman said that she knows one, but she would show it to him only if he spends with her one night of love. The guy categorically refused, and the old woman told him that he can go back where he came from. After some scrolling in his brain all his today's adventures connected with the bear and the swamp the guy finally agreed....................

At the crack of dawn the guy pushed the old woman, who was snoring loudly, with his elbow and said rudely:

Hey you, show me the path.

The old woman looked at him with languid eyes and asked:

How old are you, Handsome?

The guy:

36. Why do you ask about it?

The old woman:

You are already 36 years old but you're still so naive...............................

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"Beyond Good and Evil" parable

Post  Yaroslav on Tue Dec 25, 2012 7:15 pm

Once upon a time, there were standing two girls on a balcony. One of them was a very Evil girl and she was the worst student of her school. The second girl was a very Good one and she was the best student of the school. Perhaps due to having nothing better to do the girls started quietly spitting down from the balcony on the heads of the passing pedestrians. In one hour the Evil girl was able to spit successfully on the heads of twenty pedestrians, and the Good girl during the same time well managed to spit successfully on the heads of twenty two poor ones. Why the score finally was Evil 20 - 22 Good?

Wise men say Evil often triumphs, but never conquers, because Good always overcomes it.


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Re: Parables and fairytales which ones might be useful for Central Asia travellers

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